How much does Firefox Private Network cost?

Firefox Private Network (FPN) is a beta product from the makers of the trusted Firefox browser. It is currently offering two types of network protection: device-level network protection in the form of a VPN on Windows 10 desktops (Not yet ARM64 compatible) and Android devices, as well as a browser-level protection in the form of a secure proxy on all Firefox desktop browsers including Windows, MacOS and Linux.

Time-limited extension (free)

The Firefox Private Network browser-level protection is free for a limited amount of time each month. To claim a pass, turn on Private Network the next time you’re on public Wi-Fi or want to encrypt your browsing.

Unlimited, full-device protection (paid)

Unlimited, full device protection via a VPN is currently available for Windows 10, 64-bit and Android at a fee. It will be available for other devices soon. Visit to join the waitlist.

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