Are there limits to my Firefox Private Network connections?

With a paid subscription, the device-level protection (VPN) offers an unlimited connection for up to five devices when you connect to the Internet from any app or browser on your Windows 10 desktop or Android device. Support for iOS, Linux and macOS is coming soon.

Alternatively, the free Firefox Private Network extension is available for Firefox on MacOS, Linux and other Windows devices for a limited time each month. See the Firefox Private Network page.

Beta extension users: If you've installed and used your Firefox account to log into the Firefox Private Network extension before Dec. 3, 2019, you'll be able to keep using the unlimited version. If you install the extension on a different device and log in with your Firefox account, you'll still receive the unlimited experience. As our beta progresses, we expect to retire the unlimited, free tier of the proxy, but we have not set a date for this change.

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